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flower kit


 Use your email to register as member , you will have the password from your register email, if success, pls follow:

1. You click the small photo, go into the descpriton page,  choose color, size, and add to the shopping cart. like the picture

2. When you choose, you can click: "Continue shopping"  to add other items, if finish choose all, please click: pay now as follow:

3. Then click : "go cashier" as follow:

4.  On the detail page, you click ( CO, if your country need,if don't need, pls ignore): add or modify your full address,  choose shipping way, payment way, and leave message, then go to click:"ok, submit"

5.  Then you finish your order, your email will get an invoice and you click paypal to pay, or choose bank or western union to pay, the information show on the invoice, thanks

6.  Where you can check the invoice? 

 a, in your email, 

 b, log in our website, go to click:  




 How to add and delete items after order and got invoice.

 If you gave us order already, and we already made the  invoice to you.  then, you want to add or delete some items again, how to do it?
Please follow the steps:

 1.  If you want to add, because now the invoice/bill  is made by system automaticaly, not by our service girl by hand, so if you want to add, you need place a second order from our website again for those add items. After you submit the add order, you will have the second order number, tell us, we will conbine first order and second order into one invoice. This way you can add something to original order
 2.  If you want to delete, just tell us the item no and quantity.

 It mean, if something you want to add, please place second order from website, if add 30% by website automatiocaly (because less than USD200 ), please don’t worry, because after conbine two order. It will keep all wholesale price or discount same as original invoice.  if something you want to delete, just tell me the item No and quantity. we will help to delete.
 So if in the same order, you want to add, also want to delete, you need follow the two steps. that is :  If add, pls place second order, if delete, please just tell us item no and quantity seperately. 

Payment Methods:

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